A short contemporary-historical excursion.

The German-Afghan friendship has a long tradition that reaches back to the empire before the first World War. Afghanistan has always been one of the most important Central Asian partners - also of the Federal Republic of Germany after 1949 – in education, trade and on many related fields.
The first project of the ARG, the Pavillon Kuti-e-Boghtscha in Kabul symbolizes the beginning of the German-Afghan friendship. This building from 1880, that can be called the cradle of the Afghan democracy had also been planned and realized with German architects.

The best-known architectural testimony of this partnership is the Darulaman-palace, the seat of the government.
See the photos of the ingenieur Wilhelm Rieck
from 1923
Darulaman in 1920
The pictures of the totally ruined Darulaman – the destroyed Royal Palace, that was built by the German architect Walter Harten in the 1920ies on behalf of King Amanullah and the treeless former boulevard – tell a lot about the state of the collective memory of the Afghan people.
The Darulaman-palace just
prior finishing
German architects and ingenieur
in Afghanistan of the 1920th
Today - the heavily damaged