Cultural heritage and the destruction caused by war

Statistics say, that Afghanistan has been thrown back for 300 years in its development by the dominance of war and violence, which is lasting for more than one generation – 23 years (1979-2002).
The whole infrastructure – and therefore the built environment – towns and villages have been destroyed in big parts.
Amongst these destroyed buildings are historical buildings and monuments of all ages, but also new buildings, that mark Afghanistans way into modern times.

Every Afghan living in exile, who visited his home country after 2002, did not find it the way it used to be in his memory.
The country was and still is in a totally desolate state.
Also the Buddhas of Bamiyan, who belong to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage do not exist any more.
Their blasting caused a storm of protest throughout the world. The outrage was enourmous, but at that time nobody offered a possbility to Afghanistan, to liberate itself from the chaos of war. Now it is more than time to give Afghanistan a helping hand.
valley of Bamiyan